Jaqui Dyer


Lambeth Labour Councillor

Dr Jacqui Dyer MBE

Lambeth Labour Councillor

Jacqui Dyer was educated at London and Brunel universities, where she completed postgraduate research in decision-making within children’s social care services. She has a background in adult mental health commissioning as well as community and family social work and has recently worked as an independent health and social care consultant.

Jacqui has worked with a wide range of vulnerable care groups and has a strong passion for grassroots community empowerment. As an experienced counsellor, trainer, personal and professional development coach and group facilitator, she brings many dimensions to her insights including an understanding of crosscutting socio-economic policy.

As a mental health service user and carer for the past two and a half decades, her experiential knowledge of mental health services is extensive. Currently, she is a senior management board lived experience advisor for the Department of Health National ‘Time To Change’ Anti-stigma and Discrimination Campaign.

Additionally, Jacqui is an appointed member of the Ministerial Advisory Group for Mental Health, which oversees the implementation of the national mental health strategy. Jacqui Dyer recently received her MBE in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to mental health and has a strong passion in grassroots community empowerment. As a mental service user and carer for the past few decades, Jacqui’s experiential knowledge of mental health services is extensive. Cllr Dyer is currently the Mental Health Equalities advisor for NHS England and co-chairs the steering group for London Thrive – the Mayoral Mental Health Road Map for London. Jacqui is an elected Labour Councillor where she is a vice chair of Lambeth’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee.