Enablement Employment Support Officer

Nana Marfo

Enablement Employment Support Officer

Nana Marfo is a ground-breaking miracle who has dedicated his life to giving others with disabilities a voice within employment.  Born 6 months premature with a narrow airway, Nana had to fight for his existence due to his airway having a really narrow airway impacted on his tiny body.  Nana has had a roller coaster life living with a disability since birth which goes by the name of tracheotomy which is a tube that enables him to speak and breathe independently without any extra aids. 

Growing up, Nana had a lot of barriers but the main one which affected him the most was acceptance and acknowledgement within society by peers and even his own family.  As no one in his family had ever suffered this condition, he was often judged based on his appearance and breathing.

In his mid 20’s, he found out that due to an unconscious mindset, his father had asked the doctor to terminate him due to his disability.  This news really shaped Nana’s decision to start fighting for the rights of disabled people especially through his own experience with society and his employment experience.  This experience enabled the birth of his social enterprise company ‘Unique Abilities Ltd,’ a company he set up to give people with disabilities a voice within employment.

Nana feels very passionate and feels we all deserve to be treated equally and openly and his strongest point is educating others who have barriers to know their rights as disabled people and not to leave anything to the employer.

Today Nana continues to inspire and empower people as an Enablement Employment Support Officer where he works on a scheme called the POC (Proof of Concept).  This scheme was the initiative of the Department for Work and Pensions to enable people with disabilities to gain employment and really focus on increasing disabled people’s presence within the workforce by 2029.

Nana has turned a lot of people with disabilities life around by enabling them to a path of employment, assisting with in-work support using the employment support model and an external company called APPA.  However, all this wouldn’t be possible if he hadn’t been selfless and used his own experience of being a civil servant and disabled as a way to educate others especially through his own experience within society and through his employment experience as a civil servant with an impressive CV working for Department of work pensions as a personal adviser, then HMRC as a tax offshore Officer, and in his later years of a 10 year career working as an immigration caseworker within the Home Office. 

Nana says “people with disabilities make a massive contribution to society and employment is a fundamental life change, in enabling a person with barrier to really feel a part of society no one should be isolated or treated indifference”

#DisabledButAble is Nana’s slogan as he sees all people are abled regardless of barrier, “we are all uniquely talented and with support can be a credit to an employer” And on a global scale can really improve the social model on disability.